Permanent in ground

The Deflex traffic calming device is a versatile road delineator with many uses: mobile deployment, permanent installation, seasonal use, etc. On this page we provided information and visual assistance to help with the easy installation of the delineator and channelizer.

You’ll find illustrated and video explanation for each installation option. Below is a chart listing suggested spacing for each situation and use of the Deflex road delineator.


Metal spike for ground delineator installation

Ground spike

Permanent in ground
Galvanized steel

3995$ per pack of 1

Shipping & applicable taxes not included.

Installation steps

Suggested tools:
Mallet, Level, 9/16’’ (15mm) key

  1. Insert 1/4 of the spike into the ground. Make sure the spike is vertically level.
  2. With the mallet drive the spike completely into the ground.
  3. With a 9/16’’ (15mm) key, screw the Deflex delineator onto the spike plate.


Suggested ZoneGuard corridor and critical zone